Student Council

Student Teams


Innovived VZW is a student team within the Postgrad Programme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of KU Leuven

Our mission is to bring biology and technology together. We aim to establish and contribute within the 3D-printing industry, and to organize events that focus on knowledge transfer to future scientists.

Agoria Solar Team

The Agoria Solar Team operates on a team basis. Teams of engineering students are selected and work together towards a common goal for a time span of two years. There are two teams currently operating side-by-side, and they share a common passion for building solar cars, working with technology & inspiring innovation.

Formula Electric Belgium

Formula Electric Belgium vzw unites a group of motivated engineering students from different campuses of KU Leuven University and Thomas More University College in Flanders, Belgium.


CORE is a student cooperative that wants to develop a sustainable way of living.

CORE is active in three domains: circular economy, blue heat, and sensitization & energy studies. Each of our projects is framed within these domains with the goal of a more efficient and sustainable future.