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Mission Statement

Student Council has the goal to represent all students that follow a program at the KU Leuven campus Group T and defends their interests to the campus, the faculty, the university, the academic and educational personnel, as well as to the world in general.

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Meet Our Team


Vice Education

Member of OC Chem/Biochemie

Ivan Badenhorst

Education Coordinator

Member of OC Polyvent
Head OC EA

Reshad Ahmadi

Education Coordinator

Head of OC EM

Alexander Konstantinov


Member of StII
Member of OC Poly

Dylan Vroonen


Member of StII
Member of OC EM

Ste Kutrzeba


Head of OC Chem/Biochemie

Christiana Galani

General Assembly Member​

Stura Mandataris Internationaal

Liliia Samchuk

General Assembly Member​

Stura Mandataris Internationaal
Member of OC EA

Jiaze Kong

General Assembly Member

Groevers and 2+2

Sudarshan Raghavan Iyengar

General Assembly Member

Member of the events committee
Member of OC EA



Student Council Industrial Engineering

The student council for all students at the FIIW (Faculty of Industrial Engineering). The members of this body are unofficially elected representatives from the collections of representatives from the various campuses at our Faculty (Ostend / Bruges, Ghent, Aalst, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Geel, Diepenbeek, & Campus Group T).

During the meetings of this body, a consensus is sought on files that come up on the various campuses, and that is not just material for that campus. In this way, StII brings a faculty-wide opinion to the Stura KU Leuven meetings, or to one of the faculty meetings in which students attend.


STURA KU Leuven represents every student of de KU Leuven at the university level, including international students, regardless of whether they study at campus Leuven or another campus.

Through its General Assembly, in which the representatives of the faculties are consulted, Stura defends the various interests of the students at KU Leuven. This mainly comes down to educational dossiers. For example, a representative of Stura participates in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER), contributes to the policy on educational quality assurance.